Review Policy / Collaborations


CiCi V. Ford, writer, Editor, owner and sole proprietor of this site and The Faithful Shop, am currently open to receiving solicited Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) and review copies of encouragement, faith focused, Christian books both fiction and non fiction; non christian Adult Contemporary, Adult Fiction, Young Adult & Poetry.

I do not do reviews of unsolicited works. I will consider ALL queries and review copies sent my way and if I agree to do a review I will post the review when time allows me with links to the review across social media spaces {Instagram, Twitter, Blog & Goodreads}

My review copy preference is print copies which will be given top priority over other forms of copy as they can be photographed and posted. However, digital ARCs/review copies are accepted. 

In order to contact me with a review or promotional query, please contact me by email at

Please note: I reserve the right to refuse to review a book, but also realize if I do agree, I will review it per my usual reviewing style so before deciding that you would like me to review a copy please adhere to my reviewing style here, on Instagram & Goodreads. 


      Preferred Genres:

  • Christian Fiction & Non Fiction

  • {YA/Adult Contemporary/Fiction}

  • Historical Fiction

  • Encouragement, Self Help

Note: I do not read horror, books with witchcraft, the occult or overly sexualized narratives.

      Rating System:

5/5 I LOVED this book. I would buy this book, re-read this book, it was flawless, it gave me all the feels and the whole world needs to read it.

4/5 I liked this book a lot. It had a few hiccups, but I really enjoyed it. 

3/5 It was descent. I wasn't really moved by it. I feel other readers will really like it or hate it. 

2/5 Meh. This book was just not a hit for me.

1/5 I absolutely 100% disliked this book. I spent time, maybe days reading it and I would like a refund on my time.

DISCLAIMER: I would never write any of the above in a review lol. It takes a lot of hard work and time to write a book. I would never disrespect an author even if I was not a fan of the book. I will assign my rating on a scale of five, but the statements following are meant to be my humorous way of explaining my rating system!!

Giveaways / Product Promotion

We all love giveaways & new things!! I love doing book giveaways and merchandise/goods that suits the lifestyle of my audience.

If you would like to do a giveaway include the following in a detailed email to me:

  • book title/author/genre or product to be advertised

  • book format (hardcover, paperback, e-book, ARC etc.) / description of product

  • verbage for post

  • shipping requirements for giveaway {will giveaway be open in just US or International or both?}

  • For books: brief book synopsis

  • promotional links

  • include any other information or promotional material

  • giveaway deadline

  • follow chain

 I am finding that giveaways are best done through a social media outlet particularly Instagram. The community on Instagram is quite large, but Twitter blasts, blog & YouTube posts will be included as well. {Note: I do not have an active Facebook page.}