uninvited by lysa terKeurst

Greetings & Blessings,

I had heard so many wonderful things about Uninvited, but had never gotten around to picking it up and finally at the top of the new year, I’ve finished it!! It’s my first read for 2019. I like that Lysa’s voice is plain and relatable. Where a lot of reviewers of this book found it “fluffy”, I think it’s important to note that everyone’s internal struggles are different. There aren’t levels to insecurity meaning one kind trumps another. It’s based on our environment, our personal perspective, but more importantly it’s based on the fact that we don’t seek God for wisdom in our circumstances. In the book, she references being stared at and not being liked by another woman on the treadmill at the gym or so she thought. This could very well come off as a privileged, petty experience, but dealing with feelings of not being liked by others and consumed by what others think is a very real thing that anyone can relate to. I know I can and PRAISE JESUS that I was freed from that. When we look to the world for approval and don’t see ourselves the way God sees us, we create scenarios in our minds about the people around us without facts. I didn’t

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perceive Lysa’s transparency about her feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, insecurity and low self self esteem as her being self centered and self absorbed at all but rather how she was freed from those feelings in Christ. We’re all wrecked and the there is a testimony in everyone’s struggle no matter if it’s micro or macro. I think she WANTED you to feel how some of her thoughts were illogical and how they caused her to spiral so that you could reflect on your own rejections and brokenness and how there’s redemption from our Heavenly Father.

This book does make you think about a lot of your own circumstances, but I am so pressed into Jesus that the enemy cannot use my past to define me so there were no old wounds open for me as I was reading. I won’t allow it because I use the Word as my source of strength. I think this next point is incredibly important to mention too. With any faith based biography you read, use discernment. What happens a lot of times with books that are one part faith, one part self help is that the emotions of the author can start looking like Biblical truth/doctrine. I think that would be the only hiccup I had while reading. Some of the scriptures/parables that were used to drive home Lysa’s feelings about rejection seemed more of her interpretation than actual biblical truth. This is why I always say use discernment and seek ye first. Never read these genres of books without grabbing your Bible as the MAIN source.

This did not take anything away from what I thought was such a well written and honest book. I saw myself in a lot of her experiences; thoughts that a lot of woman have. I am praying for women’s ministries all over the world as we connect through our trials and celebrate our triumphs. Although towards the end it seemed a bit repetitive, I think Lysa was passionate in wanting you to find your confidence in Jesus. The bonus chapter & life assessment were excellent. If you decide to read this, definitely grab a friend or loved one to help you identify areas that you need to work on. Self checking is important too so that you can clear out the clutter and allow Him to work through you. He can’t move when there’s a bunch of stuff in there.

It’s definitely worth cozying up with a cup of coffee or tea. You will breeze through it!! Below are some of my favorite gems. Hope wherever you are reading this that you have a beautiful blessed day!