About CiCi

Hai there, this is my very warm space that I hope you find to be a cozy encouraging corner where you can share & receive your love for Jesus, be encouraged, have your spirits lifted & have fun. My name is Cicely or CiCi for short. I am the sole writer, editor, curator, photographer, all of the above for this blog. I am an only child, sweet as pie and in full pursuit of Jesus Christ so that I may be a dwelling place for Him and a vessel to others in order to bring people closer to the kingdom. We are in it together!!

There is an interesting testimony to this blog and where it is now so I’ll try to make it short. This blog used to be full on a book blog. For four years, I book blogged and built a following on Instagram of 50K and one day I walked away. Yes you read that correctly I walked away in pursuit of Jesus. It distracted me from Him which was pulling me further away from figuring out the purpose He has for me. I didn’t flinch when I walked away and I have so much peace. Whenever God is involved, everything aligns, but I am back and although I won’t be just sharing my faith, I pray that when I do it helps to pull you out of a dark place and into the light which He created you to live in.

I am a Christian and I love my mommy like you wouldn't believe {Yes I am an adult}, photography, salads, autumn, sweet tea, iced coffee, writing, traveling, film, rainy days and living. I am a lover of all things rustic and so earth tones are always my default. God instilled in me a deeply creative spirit and I want to bask forever in a place of constant inspiration that glorifies Him in some way and inspires you to live your very best life.

I started this blog while posting my bookish photos and quips on Instagram {The Bookstagram community is the most amazing community ever}, but when God calls, He calls. This is an extension of my desire to talk and breathe my faith and life even more so with you. My goal is to run this blog full-time, continue my career pursuits in media and content creation, but most of all, connect with others around the world through our shared dreams, desires and faith. If you are here, welcome!!

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All photos on this site were taken by Cicely Ford.